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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 @ Memories that can't be erase
I've abandon this blog for such a long time.
Its been 4 months since the day we broke up. Time flies... Keeping myself busy so I wouldn't think so much. People come and goes in our life. I have no regrets, I know I already did my best. I might be emo sometime, this is just the process of recovery I guess.
Guess I'm gonna be a workaholic soon. Everyday OT OT OT.. Tiring day.
Hopefully what my friend, eric said is true. I'll climb high in my career. All I wish for now is able to sustain my own living. Hopefully can do some investment soon enough... Guess the only thing can give me the sense of security, is $$$. This is the reality.
Have no intention to find the Mr right. I'm fine with alone right now. Opening up to another person, means allowing the person to hurt me once again.

All I can say, simply, I'm fatigued.

The only thing that help in my recovery is by not contacting you and no news from you. It's difficult, this is the only way out.
I might look strong, guess I'm not after all. =(


Sunday, June 19, 2011 @ -Make You Feel My Love -
Good News
I got promoted to QA engineer!

Bad News
Stress Level is much higher!
Am I able to take up the challenge? 
Confidence! Confidence! 

Think I got to push myself to the limit and see how far I can go in this company! =D
Best of luck to me!

I'm getting fatter! *shit* Need to go on diet and exercise!
Anyone with me? Ha!

Age is catching up fast. What Had I done in these past few years? =( Work Work Work & Work. 
Seriously, got to sit down and think of what i want for my future. But how? SOS..

Met up with my girls for a lil chit chatting session last friday. Always nice to have them around. =D
Next up: Chalet! 

Next month, is our 4th Anniversary! Time flies... And still, my love for him did not change. <3
Although this journey is tough, lets overcome it together. Communication & trust is the most important thing in a relationship. :)
Sometimes, I might be paranoid. Thanks for tolerating me. =)

"Time is a wheel in constant motion, so you just have to ride with it and take all the bumps and turns. Just focus on the destination and it will get you through."

Monday, June 06, 2011 @ Faith.Courage.Trust
I need some courage to carry on...

@ Faith.Courage.Trust
I need some courage to carry on...

Thursday, June 02, 2011 @ Random

-My Lovely Girls-

I've abandon my blog for such a long period of time, was just too busy with my work. =S
Even though busy with work, I'm still able to spare out some time to relax and chill! 
Went Bintan & USS with my girls & went genting with my colleagues. Totally enjoy myself! =D   Next up - A short HTHT chalet, Taiwan & Korea! LOL!

Not forgetting, my elder bro got married! =D 黄家大喜事!*Happy*

Things are still the same with my dearest Yan. =D Time Flies. Our 4th Anniversary round the corner. 1 more mth to go =D Looking forward. =) Loved! <3

Getting old. Time is always never enough to use. =( How I wish time can slow down. 
Should I study Uni? *wondering* hmmmm~~
Alright, I don't what I should type anymore. LOL. 

So, Bye.

Sunday, March 06, 2011 @ BullSHIT!
In life, I believe everyone have ups and downs. Before jumping into conclusion, do you people think on what you say? Things happened 2 years ago, not recently. Plus, I'm not the one talking about it though, this topic have been going on for so long! And I don't have the intention destroy anyone's life, why will i do that for? Does it benefits me? The answer is NO! So I got nothing to hide about. So I just face it. If you never do it, or whatsoever, why you bother on what people think?? That's what I think. 

Seriously, some friends are mend to keep, some ain't! So I don't much bother.
In life, we don't need to have so many friends, a handful will do. 

People who understand me and knows me well, know how am I like. People who don't, I don't bother!
We mature in all these problems. Is just the matter on how you face it.
I being through so much during my sec. sch life, not that I don't.
I don't believe that when hanging out with friends, no gossip is being said. This is part and parcel of our life. Please just face the fact.

So from this point onwards, I won't bother about you people. Seriously, is pointless.

I'm happy with my simple and peaceful life. 


I'm back from my bintan trip! I enjoyed it with my girls(Bon, christine & Doris) too bad, siying was unable to join us but it's ok.  I'm planning up the next one! USS! Looking forward too! =)

For photos, pls go to  my facebook! Thank you so much! =)


Wednesday, February 02, 2011 @ PENCIL FIRST CHINESE NEW YEAR



Sunday, November 28, 2010 @ LUMIX LX5

Simply, I just love my new Camera, Lumix LX5!


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